Sauce PIFs are a major part of the history of the sauce.


  • A guy on a hospital bed has a food tube connected to him. Suddenly, the food disappears, and is replaced with sauce, causing him to start convulsing. Cut to slogan and contact details.

Rated 15 by the BBFC, produced in 1995. A minor controversy was started when one theater accidentally played this PIF before a U-rated children's movie, causing reported nightmares from the children and even some adults who were in the audience.


  • Opens with an extreme close-up of sauce being injected into a man's arm. Then, sauce starts being poured on a child's meal. The happy child is about to eat it, unaware of what he is bringing on himself, when it cuts away to another shot while horrific music starts playing, showing some of the worst-affected sauce victims throughout history. Captions begin appearing about the facts of the sauce, as sauce is poured into a cigarette, which turns into a flaming coffin. A gruff male voice then booms "Stay off the sauce!" as the screen fades to black. A scream is heard at the very end.

Rated 15 by the BBFC, two minutes long.